Veteran’s NDE: Retired Chief Petty Officer Tony Woody tells about his near fatal crash landing, his NDE at the time, and the continuing unfolding of his NDE a few days later when he encountered the Being of Light. This experience led him to explore world religions and modern science seeking answers to the nature of consciousness. Subscribe to this channel to see new video interviews about NDEs and related topics. For more information about NDEs, go to IANDS.org

Peter Anthony, A Classic NDE: Peter’s close call with death leads him to leave his body, explore an incredible tunnel, meet with an “ascended master,” and have an intense life review. Then he visits a “cleansing station” where he encounters the Being of Light, which he identifies as God. Join Peter as he describes his extraordinary journey. To read about Peter’s NDE, see his book Key Master. Subscribe to Youtube.com/c/NDEvideo to see more videos like this one.

Near Death Experience, Shared: When Scott Taylors’ beloved girlfriend and her son die due to a car accident, Scott unexpectedly journeys with them into the next realm where he experiences heavenly love and bliss.

NDE, Coming Back: Barbara Bartolome left her body when an error was made during a medical procedure. As she watched the doctors and nurses working on her body, her consciousness hovered near the ceiling. Before coming back, she was faced with a major life-changing decision.

Near Death Experience: Kimberly Clark Sharp, author of After the Light, was a young woman when one day she suddenly collapsed while at the Department of Motor Vehicles with her father. Resuscitation attempts only pushed her closer to death, and she had a profound NDE in which she met the Being of Light.

Ana Christina, author of My Sweet Encounter with Death, tells about her Near Death Experience and her encounter with the “Holy Spirit,” whom she came to love as her “Soul Mate.” Ana came close to death as a result of an attempted murder by poisoning. She is courageous to share this traumatic experience in order to help others. Her ability to forgive and to live a positive life is deeply inspiring.

Ann Frances Ellis, author of Revelations of Profound Love remembers her NDE at the age of two and her extraordinary mystical experience when she was thirty-two. She also shares her understanding of the varieties of “Profound Love” experienced by over 100 Near Death Experiencers, whom she quotes in her book.

Beverly Brodsy was a young woman in her twenties when she was involved in a terrible motorcycle accident, which led to a transcendent Near-Death Experience. Beverly describes her encounter with the all-loving Being of Light.

This is a clip from the documentary, “Love Never Dies,” which features an extended interview with Penny Wigglesworth, who had a Near-Death Experience when she was stung by a bee. In this section Penny describes her NDE. The complete interview, which includes a description of After-Death Communications from her skeptical husband and Penny’s work with hospice, is available by contacting info@ndevideo.com.